The first issue of The Astrology Researcher was published in 1977. Back then, there was only printed matter and "snail-mail". Today, we have a rebirth of the Astrollogy Researcher for the digital age. With special reports on everything from sports to stocks. Also available, will be free research reports on everything from Earthquakes to weather. We will give you an inside look at what will be available very shortly.

April 26 Report: Astro Numbers

At JackGillen.com, it was our intention to bring you past radio shows from the AstroView broadcast. This never became reality, however, we hope to make it so here at JackGillen.net with the new tools and technology offered on the Internet, without having to be an IT professional. Also, so many of you are using the Jack Gillen Seminars Psion hand-held computers, helping you understand how the contests predictions are made, using the technology that is in your hand.

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  • AstroPod:Introducing Jack Gillen's new podcast show. First show, debuting July 15, 2013, is now online.
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  • ARmart: Astrology Researcher Marketplace - Now Open!

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