The first issue of The Astrology Researcher was published in 1977. Back then, there was only printed matter and "snail-mail". Today, we have a rebirth of the Astrollogy Researcher for the digital age, with special reports on everything from sports to stocks. Also available, will be free research reports on everything from Earthquakes to weather. We will give you an inside look at what will be available, very shortly.

Staying The Course

Hi everyone. Thanks for your input. Dad said we will stay the course, as it's not uncommon to see a play come in prematurely. When we started this example of Cycle 25, it was taken from the Jack Gillen Seminars Newsletters. There are only two people that we know of now, that have this publication. One in Ohio and the other in Australia. This is why we focused on Florida, Ohio, and Australia. It's understandable why no one hit the Fantasy 5 in Florida, since we don't have any 'subscribers' from this state. These numbers are also subject to hit in a few other states, like Massachusetts.

We'll use the same numbers in Australia's Pick-6, using the lead-in numbers...09-18-45. We want to wish all of you a very happy Labor Day. Remember, when playing your state lottery, you want to filter the numbers the same way we did for the Florida Fantasy 5. As for the key Pick-3 number...8-0-6...we will start playing it on September 30.

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