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The 5/7 Tidbit

Some of you already know about the 5/7, but for those of you who don't, certain numbers have a tendancy to follow each other. If a 5 comes in, it's followed by a 7, or if a 7 comes in, it's followed by a 5. You can use this tidbit in your Pick-3 or 4 lotteries, or at the race track.

Example: Yesterday at Del Mar, #5 won the first leg of the Pick-6, followed by #7 in the second leg. The reason I bring this to your attention, as dad is updating The Winning Trifecta, he's playing Pick-4's and 5's that are under $10.00. Had he used the 5/7, which qualified in the first two legs, he would've picked up the $125,000.00 by adding it to the Late Pick-4.

7:50 PM Del Mar Thoroughbred Club 8 $0.50 P4 (PWHL) 8 / 10, 12 / 7, 10 / 3, 5, 7 $6.00 $848.40

The Winning Trifecta has worked with every update so far. We still want to take down a few more Pick-4's and 5's to make sure everythink works. There will be a section that will apply to wagers that cost under $10.00, and some strategies that will work on the Pick-6 for wagers between $24.00-48.00.  This is the next step on our adgenda. Also, we're going to be taking you inside the process of selecting lottery numbers from the 84 cycles, for Florida, Ohio, and Australia...with a few more tidbits.

At, it was our intention to bring you past radio shows from the AstroView broadcast. This never became reality, however, we hope to make it so here at with the new tools and technology offered on the Internet, without having to be an IT professional. Also, so many of you are using the Jack Gillen Seminars Psion hand-held computers, helping you understand how the contests predictions are made, using the technology that is in your hand.

Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Get detailed information and learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to serving you! Click on ASTRO GUIDE to begin your journey.

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We just received word that a group spending $6,300.00 on all our astro number picks today, took down the Rainbow 6 for over $6 mllion. Therefore, the Florida Lottey Report is now free to all viewers on our Special Reports Bookshelf. There's still good informtion for tomorrow. Be back to an entire review, on the report.

The winner is Dan Borislow, born 9/21/61 at 7:20 AM. Don't get too excited for him, $6 million is just another day's pay. So, a $6,000+ bet would be like a $60.00 bet for the average person. Thanks to those of you informed us on this big win.

Our source tells us that he did not use our top horses in each race, for the $6,300 bet, but decided to go with the ALL/ALL/ALL/1-4/ALL/ALL for $7,603.20. This was a better wager than betting $4,000 each on 1-4 to win. This was a very smart play, as we mentioned in our report, if anyone were to have the only ticket, they had to do it before Monday. Our next special report will be on the S&P500, coming soon.

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