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U.S. and Australian Powerball hit as predicted

AstroStats was published in 2000. Powerball was not a lottery game. Under the Mercury numbers for Florida, you have 10-12-22-31 as the key to wheel with all of the numbers in the lottery from July 10-25, 2014. Like many of these type of predictions beforehand, this one came back, and paid anyone who wheeled it in the Powerball game, $1 million. The secondary four was 12-20-23-31. On July 23, the Powerball numbers...04-10-12-22-31 PB: 03. I played it on July 10, using 11 as the Lucky Ball in the Lucky Money game. If we weren't too lazy, we would've picked up on the Powerball, too. Australia, the four key number...10-13-20-21. The results on July 10...10-13-15-20-21-33 PB: 02. All but one, a Mercury number.
Notice how dominant the Mercury numbers have been. In Florida, the 01-03-06 came back to back. Most of you already have this information on the Mercury Connection. For those of you who don't, this is how many numbers are prediicted, years in advance. Out of the 84 cycles that was published in the 1980's, each cycle number was used for stocks, commodities, Forex, lottery numbers...etc. Some cycle numbers only have three legs, when used on a fixed day and time, others have many recurrances.

We'll look for a target date of September 5, 2014. We have three dates. The last three...June 5, September 5, and October 3. The Pick-3 numbers from these last three dates...3-1-0; 2-0-6; 9-0-6. Notice we have two cominations with 0-6 in the third and four the position.

Now for the Pick-5...09-11-18-19-20; 10-13-25-29-34; 09-10-18-20-26. If this pattern holds true, we look at 09-18-20 as the key numbers with all. We have used these patterns in newgroups of the past. You'll notice, that on our computer graph, from the 80's, at 11:15pm, you'll find cycle 25, which will always be fixed on this Sunday, but will change to other points during the week. We thought it would be fun for you to watch.

Cycle 25
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Cycle 2507262014.pdf
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We just received word that a group spending $6,300.00 on all our astro number picks today, took down the Rainbow 6 for over $6 mllion. Therefore, the Florida Lottey Report is now free to all viewers on our Special Reports Bookshelf. There's still good informtion for tomorrow. Be back to an entire review, on the report.

The winner is Dan Borislow, born 9/21/61 at 7:20 AM. Don't get too excited for him, $6 million is just another day's pay. So, a $6,000+ bet would be like a $60.00 bet for the average person. Thanks to those of you informed us on this big win.

Our source tells us that he did not use our top horses in each race, for the $6,300 bet, but decided to go with the ALL/ALL/ALL/1-4/ALL/ALL for $7,603.20. This was a better wager than betting $4,000 each on 1-4 to win. This was a very smart play, as we mentioned in our report, if anyone were to have the only ticket, they had to do it before Monday. Our next special report will be on the S&P500, coming soon.

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