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Staying The Course

Hi everyone. Thanks for your input. Dad said we will stay the course, as it's not uncommon to see a play come in prematurely. When we started this example of Cycle 25, it was taken from the Jack Gillen Seminars Newsletters. There are only two people that we know of now, that have this publication. One in Ohio and the other in Australia. This is why we focused on Florida, Ohio, and Australia. It's understandable why no one hit the Fantasy 5 in Florida, since we don't have any 'subscribers' from this state. These numbers are also subject to hit in a few other states, like Massachusetts.

We'll use the same numbers in Australia's Pick-6, using the lead-in numbers...09-18-45. We want to wish all of you a very happy Labor Day. Remember, when playing your state lottery, you want to filter the numbers the same way we did for the Florida Fantasy 5. As for the key Pick-3 number...8-0-6...we will start playing it on September 3.

We received an email from Randy in Louisiana, who almost became a millionaire, overnight. August 30, the Pick-6 number...08-09-13-18-20-24...hit, giving him five of six for a Payoff of $2,055.00. He also had many tickets with four of five. If 36 would've replace 24, he would've had six of six. We mentioned, if you were playing the Pick-6, you could use three root values of 9. On the same day, CT Pick-5 came in...06-09-15-18-24. This would not have been a hit on our play, because 06-15-24 are all a root value of 6, which made this play a 6-9 root.

In VA, also on the same day, we had four of five, with the numbers...05-06-09-18-24. Notice that CT also came in with 06 and 24, and we did not have 06 on the template. We did hit the OH Pick-5 lottery. So far, both of our targets hit in the USA. August 28, in FL...09-11-17-18-26 hit, and in OH on August 29...01-09-18-21-24 with five of five. We're looking for Australia this weekedn, with 09-18-45 with the template.

I will keep you updated, with those Pick-5's that hit with four and five of five, untill September 7, and give you a final report, and some tips on winning the lottery, without having to go through a lot of data.

Template 1
Pick-5 Template08242014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [693.8 KB]
Template 2
Template 2_08302014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [669.6 KB]


As we get ready for the Pick-4 play, we know that we have a ratio of 8:1 for the Pick-4 hitting exactly, based upon predictions from the past. With the influence of Cycle 25 coming in, we were looking for the zero (0) to be the second digit and 9, the fourth digit. Base upon the stats, our selection would come from

  • 1-0-3-9
  • 1-0-6-9
  • 4-0-4-9
  • 6-0-5-9
  • 7-0-7-9

We went with 1-0-6-9 and 4-0-4-9.

Adobe Acrobat document [310.1 KB]

On September 1, the Florida Pick-4 came in 6-0-9-5. Today--September 2--the Midday Pick-4 came in 6-0-5-9...whcih was one of our top 5. The process of elimination takes us to September 5, in which we'll get the final selection, ten times straight, wtih a backup of a box. This would give us a payout of $50,000.00. In many of the lottery books and reports, we've shared the winning tickets with you. When go to cash in the tickets, they process one at a time, giving you a $5,000.00 check for each one.
Example is in The Key to Specualion for Casino and Lottery Games. The numbers we're playing in Florida, are also go for Ohio.

Pick-4 (1-6-3-5)
Pick-4 1-6-3-509022014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [539.7 KB]
Pick-4 (1-6-3-5) Page 2
Pick-4 1-6-3-5 Pg209022014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [445.5 KB]

Florida LuckMoney Pays Off with Template 1

Those of you who were able to play the Florida LuckyMoney game, with the template numbers, came close to the $1.2 million payoff. We had two tickets with three hits, and the mega ball. Paying over $325.00 each. All-in-all, we came out with close to $1,000.00 for the $53.00 wager. We had two of the tickets that consisted of the 01-09-15-18. We used 15 as the Money ball. Now, we look forward to the September 5, Fantasy 5 drawing. If you were unable to make sense of the templates, we have t he actual tickets that were originally played on August 26. Template 2 had free tickets won on it, and they were cashed in.

Friday afternoon, around 4 PM, I will put up the numbers from template two, so if you're playing them, you'll have plenty of time. These are the numbers from template 1, that we LuckyMoney on.

Template 1 Numbers
Adobe Acrobat document [734.9 KB]
Template 2 Numbers
Template 209052014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [662.4 KB]
Pick-3 Tickets
Adobe Acrobat document [611.7 KB]

Ohio, on September 3, the Pick-4...4-0-4-4...just missing big payoff from 4-0-4-9. W now have the 3-day cycle, that should prove to be 100% accurate, that one of the selected Pick-3's or 4's will hit. We decided to go with 1-0-6-9, 10x on the straight, with a Straight/Box backup. The 4-0-4-9 will be played, as a Straight and Straight/Box. On the Pick-3, we're bringing in a new number...4-7-8. This will give us four combinations. The 8-0-6 and 4-7-8 will be played straight 10x. The other two, we'll only play with a Straight/Box, 10x on each of them. The payoffs from these will only range up to the $3,000.00, depending on how many times, we hit them. Whereas, the Pick-4 will be $50,000.00 on each hit.

The 09-18 Powerball play, using 18 as the Powerball, has too many combinations for me to adjust at this time. If you look at the root numbers to follow the 09-18, we have 02-04-05-07, that are multiplied. It takes a lot of time, to process the elimination...something I won't have time for. You can use the Quick-Pick, with 18 as the Powerball, along with 09, then the Quick-Pick section. I'll be back to explain this to you.

We are aware that the 09/18 combo did hit in the Powerball. At least you hit 2:1 and more, using the Quick-Pick. If I was 100% positive that it was going to hit for the $127 million, I would've had you play the $2,592.00 on the root 02-04-05-0702-04-05-07. As you know from page 104, of The Key to Speculation lottery book, you have six numbers in each row, givng you 1,296 combinations, and the process of elimination takes way too long. If I had the original lottery computer, it would've done that task in mere minutes. The Florida Lottery hit on August 20, but you would've only had five of six.

The question about the Mega can use the Powerball as 09, and the lead-in as 18. Being that 09/18 is leaving the zone, it's not a sure thing like Powerball was, as we now move into the Mercury zone. Picked up four of five on September 8, for $555.00. If 10 and 13 can come in on September 13, that will lock in the Pick-5. Be back with an entire recap, go back over, why we selected the Pick-3, 4 numbers long with 09 and 18.

The Mercury hit last night with 03-13-21-31-33. If you have The Mercury Connection, look at the table of 10 and 13. Check out the number that follow each of these numbers,a dn you'll see we would've hit the Pick-5, tonight for over $220,000.00. We were not able to get out and purchase the tickets, so hopefully one of our people hit it. Check the result in your state, along with the key numbers. You have all the way to Sept. 13. We might try a few at the track, since this one got by us, as soon as time allows.

Just got word that we hit the Florida Pick-5 again, with the Mercury numbers...11-13-16-31-33. Recogize the 13-31-33? What's crazy about this is that dad when to the lottery office on 9/11 to cash one of the tickets, but did not bother to run the Mercury connection numbers from Sept. 10 through again, since he had to rush back to take care of my mother. Still waiting for him to get some free time. A lot of the others states are also hitting.

On Saturday, September 13, the 10 and 13 came in togther, as predicted. This told us that 9 and 18 would return back together, but we did not have the time to set up the new numbers. Instead, we used this old tickets, which gave us $66.50, and 46 free tickets, since 09 and 18 was on every ticket. We cashed in the tickets at 10:59 AM-ET, sinc the  Ascendant was at 11-deg. of Scorpio. The reason this time was selected, is because my part of fortune is at this degree. The odds of hitting 3 of 5 numbers is 85:1. The Part of Fortune gives us a better shot of catching three or four on the free tickets. Otherwise, we can only expect two of five. You do not need any of the books to play under your Part of Fortune sign. On the final update--hopefully tomorrow--I will show you how to find your Part of Fortune chart, free of charge, and how to map out your year on the date and time, when playing the lottery.

We just received an update, that another Mercury  connection hit in Florida. On page 114 in The Key to Speculation for Casino and Lottery Games. The key root numbers are 12 and 30. Go down to the 15 column. In the #1 spot, you have ten, in the 14 spot you have 23. In the 18 spot you have 36. In the Mercury connection, numbers that came in with 12, all hit tonight. Remember that we made note of 10 and 13.

The Fantasy 5 numbers: 10-12-23-30-36.

The Austraian Lottery is still in the 09-18 mode, even though the Mercury connection is now moving in, and it should be used as a Powerball number. On the template, we're still using the one on page 120. The follow are the numbers that should be in each of the blank spots.

  • 01=10
  • 02=11
  • 03=30
  • 04=04
  • 05=14
  • 06=24
  • 07=16
  • 08=35
  • 10=28
  • 11=02
  • 12=39
  • 13=40
  • 14=23
  • 15=33
  • 16=25
  • 17=26

We only had 28 qualified combinations from the template numbers that we're looking at in Australia, using 09-18-45 as the lead-in. Tonight's Florida Lotto came 02-10-14-15-36-45. We had four of six...02-10-14-45. If 09 and 18 had hit, we would've had the $30 million. Since, we had the extra ticket, we received $347.00 for the 4 of 6. All together, we came out with over $400.00 and a lot of free tickets. Let's hope we can bring it in for those folks in Australia.

The Florida Lotto has a trend for 12 and 21 to hit. I'm going to try to have dad work on it. Right now he's getting everything ready for The Breeders' Cup for The Winning Trifecta group.

Surprised, no one hit the MegaMillions with the 12 and 21...which now becomes the "new 09-18". Twenty-one was the lead-in number, and 12, the MB number. I'm unable to get the numbers myself, I have to wait, for when my father goes to the store. We are planning the 12-21 Play for the Florida Lottery, which I'll shre the chart and update with you.

Florida Lotto Pick-6 Template
Florida Lotto Pick-6 Template09252014.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [638.5 KB]

Notice, on the template, that the root value of 5 has an X. This is because we're not playing the root value of 5 from the template. We're incorporating it with 12 and 21. Set one is 12-21-23; set two is 12-21-41. This is going to give us 98 combinations since we're using both of these combinations with the template. The reason I used 12-21 with 16 and 45, with 9 combinations, I did not have time to process the eliminations, but will for Saturday, and will post the ticket. We've never hit six of six, using this aspect in Florida, but it does have a 100% accuracy, that a Pick-6 Lottery in the U.S. will have all six winning numbers.

Enclosed  are a couple of pages from the key to speculations lottery series where we hit five of six. We also hit five of six in 1996-97, but do not have a copy of those tickets available at this time.

Lottery Book -- Page 107
Lottery Book_107_09252014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [610.5 KB]
Lottery Book -- Page 109
Lottery Book_109_09252014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [649.1 KB]

We were only able to find 12 qualifying lines to play for the Florida Lotto, that will be drawn about four hours from now. Didn't have time to give you a full play. Word came in, that we hit two lotteries so far, one in the U.S., and one outside the U.S. The one in the U.S. was in MO, with the numbers...12-15-21-35-40-41, with a pool of $3.5 million. We have not confirmed the one outside of the U.S., yet. Hope we can add another one from the Saturday plays.

We tried to get you a lotto hit, but realized that we're in a different generation, where astrology is a thing of the past, and everything on the Web is a scam. However, it was fun showing you how astrology works. In the Lucky Money game in Florida, we gave you the $2 million prize with the numbers 12-20-21-41 MB: 09. Look at the lead-in ticket, of 12-21-41. On the template, you have 20-09-X. This was for the 5 spot. Four of four paid over $3,000.00. On Saturday's Florida Lotto, all 12 tickets that qualified, paid 3 of 5.

Our next stop--in closing--is the Breeders' Cup. Dad is still very busy as a caregiver, and I will update the lottery procedure, and the best way to play for those of you who do not have any of the lottery books.

The Planetary Hour Watch / Breeders' Cup

To answer a few questions about the Planetry Hour Watch on eBay. This is the one that has the publication that does have the HP35 code for the Sports and Lottery computer that has been sought after for over 20 years. You'll need someone that can convert the HP35 language to one of the languages that are used today. Dad has not had time to look at the Breeders' Cup. I have joined two pools. Last year Dad did the same, and hit with Pool B. I'll give you some of the fundamentals for the upcoming Breeders' Cup, this Saturday...which willl also be the end of 'The Winning Trifecta' book, which has been furnished through a newsgroup by people who purchased the book from me. Hopefully, I'll have dad available to update the lottery. He mentioned that the next pair in order, will be 20-32.

The target date for the 20 and 32 was November 3, with the Sun on the Part of Fortune of its cycle number. Like you, we gave it a try on November 3, and like many times before, it came in the following day, November 4,  with 09-19-20-24-32, paing over $200,000.00, and as you probably already know--those of you with the 84 cycles--cycle 25 is giving us three more shots at it with 09 and 18. Notice the interaction with the 09-20-32.
The new cycle of numbers, through the process of elimination, is down to 42 from the two workout sheets.

For this weeks Fantasy Football, visit our Sports page

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